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rthday. carla wohl, abc news. coming up later on "good morning america," country megastar tim macgraw opens up to our robin roberts in a surprisingly emotional interview. >> and robin will preview her interviews with other top country starts. that's coming up on "good morning america." >> have a great morning. thanks for watch just moments away, the final chapter in the long saga of the d.c. sniper. john muhammad is scheduled to die. >> we're going to take whatever steps are necessary to make sure something like this does not happen again. >> the president pays tribute. >> the gulf coast is not taking any chances.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good tuesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. we have another -- we had another gorgeous day in washington yesterday. >> a little gray out there this morning. what is the latest? " we're watching ida. -- >> we are watching ida. you can see the outer bands of rain and all the clouds pushing into our neck of the woods. we will be mostly cloudy. rain stays to the southeast today. mostly cloudy today. cooler. mid 60's. here is lisa baden. >> a good morning indeed. they're clearing overnight construction out of the way.
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taking interstate 95 between 95 and baltimore. overnight construction is gone. this is live at 270. now to the news desk. >> thank you. our top story, the d.c. sniper's final hours. john mohamed's reign of terror will ends with a lethal injection. >> courtney robinson is live in jarrett more on his final day. good morning. >> a lot of eotion for a lot of people. 9:00 p.m. tonight here at the greensville correctional center, john muhammad will be put to death. his attorneys have argued he is mentally ill. his only chance is if the governor stays the execution.
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it is unlikely. it was a three-week murderous rampage that terrorize the capital region in 2002. >> my interest would be for him to show remorse. >> bob meyers plans to watch the execution. he killed his brother dean at this manassas gas station on october 9, 2002. it was for dean meyers' murdered that john muhammad receives the ultimate punishment. >> we always will how the loss of our brother and the scars of what we have had to do with. >> it has been years since john muhammad and lee boyd malvo killed 10 and wounded several more. in hours, many plan to watch muhammad die for his action.
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>> many look at this case and say if any deserve it, he certainly does. >> it does the deserve to die? if anybody does, he does. >> not all of the victims will travel to the greensville correctional center. his first victim says his justice is living, knowing john muhammad's life will be gone. >> i do not have to se him die. >> lee boyd malvo is serving a life sentence. a number of victims and law- enforcement officers will be here to watch the lethal injection. >> thank you. stay with us for abc 7 news for continuing coverage of the execution. will have another live report in our next hour.
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a developing story. police are looking into a double shooting overnight that left a man dead. police found a man with a gunshot wounds just after midnight. there were taken to the hospital. one died. the other is in critical but stable position. -- stable condition. there will be a memorial at fort hood today. president obama and the first lady will be there and will meet with the families of these victims. the suspected shooter, major nidal hasan, is all wake and talking. he will be tried in a military court. investigators believe he acted alone. president obama is said to be close to deciding on a war strategy in afghanistan. he will approve most of the 40,000 additional troops
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requested. mr. obama meets with his war council again tomorrow and leaves for asia on thursday. the white house says there will probably not be an announcement on this until he gets back. senators are looking into the safety lapses at metro. nce spring, metro officials have barred independent monitors from walking the tracks. metro says it has been a misunderstanding and that monitors have always been allowed to approach the tracks if there are accompanied by safety escorts. major changes for same-sex marriages. the changes will include a provision that will make it easier for churches to participate in gay weddings and receptions. it would eliminate domestic partnerships once same-sex marriages are permitted. we have 55 degrees.
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>> a health alert. will talk about a disturbing report and the number one killer of women. >> pedestrian accidents. >> adam caskey live in georgetown all along the water. it is currently 53 degrees. we currently have high, thin clouds overhead.
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5:09 a.m. on this tuesday morning. welcome back. adam caskey live in georgetown. the key bridge is live up behind me. it is not a bad morning. we're down to 52 degrees. that is above average for this time of year. it will be cooler at the yesterday. it will be above average again. a light breeze out here. that will change as we go into tomorrow. culpeper, 52. mclean, 49. mostly cloudy throughout the day today. not much of a chance of rain
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except in southern virginia. there is a slight chance of a few showers in southern maryland. that is later on tonight while we are sleeping. mid 50's tomorrow. even cooler than today. we will be in the mid 60's today. >> i do not have any major problems to report through virginia, around maryland. metrorail is running on normal service. could shape on 270 to get in suit montgomery county. -- in good shape on 270 to get into montgomery county. this is traffic in springfield. north and south on 95 is gorgeous. we will go back to alison and doug. >> thank you. a new report says the d.c. area is below average when it comes to pedestrian safety. our region comes in at number 32
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among metropolitan areas most dangerous for pedestrians. 180 pedestrians have been killed in the d.c. area in the past two years. the area ranks 25th when it comes to spending money on safety. on safe sex has a huge health risks. a report shows it is killing more people world wide. >> tropical storm ida in the gulf coast.
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target. expect more. pay less. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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in our top story, barring last-minute clemency from tim kaine, john allen muhammad will be executed tonight. he is scheduled to die by lethal injection at 9:00 p.m. at the greensville correctional center in jarrett. u.s. supreme court denied his lastminute appeal. >> he will address democrats at the weekly luncheon today. the senate is facing challenges passing their health care bill. there are deep divisions with public option and abortions. >> tropical storm ida is causing flooding and could bring up to 8 inches of rain in the gulf coast. the storm is getting closer to landfall. warnings are in effect from the louisiana to florida. the fairfax county health department will offer free swine
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flu health care vaccinations today and thursday. this will begin at 8:00 a.m. the vaccine will be available to all children 6 months to 18 years old. pregnant women can also get the vaccine. the first ever study of women's health around the globe finds the aids virus is the leading cause of disease women 15 to 44. unsafe sex is the leading factor. one in five deaths among women in this age group is linked to unsafe sex. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's begin on a tuesday morning with lisa baden. >> hello and good morning. we are in great shape this morning. no accidents to report around town. overnight construction has been
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moved out of your way. travel times are in our favor along 95 between richmond and baltimore. good stead on 66 between centreville and the beltway. this is the greenway traffic over 28 out near dulles airport. rain tomorrow? >> it kind of a big question mark for us. remnants of ida are coming in from the southeast. some rain could stay to our south. some headaches this morning. there will be arraigned among the gulf coast. you can see the rain through georgia and into the southern carolinas. winds system and add 60 miles per hour. we're in the 50-degree range. remnants of ida will come off
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the coast and bring rain out near and be sure. cloudy and cool today. mid 60's, not bad for november. tomorrow, a few showers here and there. it will be breezy. we still kind of remain gray thursday and friday. warmer air moving back in. >> thank you. a major global phone recall. >> does call of duty live up to the high point? we have a sneak peek. >> one of the most highly anticipated video games of the year arrived today. call of duty modern warfare 2 goes on sale. fans are expected to spend at least half a billion dollars on it in the first week. the game is incredibly violent and sets a new bar for realism. >> this is an amazing game.
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it is all encompassing. it is full of tension and cinematic devices that draw your attention in. i was blown away by a number of the scenes in the campaign mode. it was really captivating. i think this game is one of the we're games that has an incredible amount of hype and delivers in the end. >> it is available for pc's and playstation 3. nokia is recalling 14 million cell phone chargers because the plastic covers might come up loose. the company says it will replace stump for free. you cannot log on to the technology page to find the model numbers of the recall charges. coughing into your cell phone could save you a trip to the doctor's office.
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it could diagnose respiratory diseases by analyzing costs. doctors can make a diagnosis in seconds. a new study shows the divide between men and women when it comes to technology. only 36% of men actually read the instruction manual before calling the help line. one expert says men treat technology as something to be conquered. those are your tech bytes. i am vinita nair. >> men to not want help? " it's sort of like asking for directions. they have to conquer it. >> exactly. 20 minutes after the hour. we have 54 degrees. >> will be any fallout from the football fight involving deangelo hall? we will allow the latest coming up in sports. >> later on "oprah," a convicted
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killer speaks from death row with just weeks to go before his execution.
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good morning. the nfl is making a full review of sunday's fight. there could be a suspension.
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after the late hit, he is probably going to get fined. head coach mike smith got involved physically and verbally. the nfl is looking into all of it. " one of the coaches put his hand on me. that is not called for in this league. >> that was a crazy deal. the head coach got involved. it was not right. i am sure he will get a find for it. >> the nfl will make that decision later today or tomorrow. there is a look at sports. have a great day. investors are keeping a close eye on efforts to overhaul the financial industry. linda bell joins us for more. >> good morning. let's talk about the big rally we had on wall street yesterday. look at stock index and futures,
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pointing to a lower open this morning. the dollar is strengthening a bit. commodities are weakening. overhauling the financial regulation may end up being a big regulation. chris dodd is expected to unveil a plan that would strip the fdic of bank supervision authority. it would create a single regulator of the currency and office of thrift supervision into one regulator. the person said the connecticut senator will propose creating a consumer financial protection agency. the proposal would go further than that proposed by the president and barney frank. the house has approved frank's version. the staff members are still working on this plan. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters
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in new york, i am linda bell. back to you. >> thank you. father clocked 25. we have 54 degrees. -- 5:25. >> the thanksgiving travel forecasts are out. we will let you know what to expect as we head into the holiday season. >> there is enough traffic problems in d.c. and we do not need any more. >> some folks are blaming the mayor for some of our traffic tie-ups. his morning exercise routine could be costing taxpayers thousands of dollars. >> president and mrs. obama are heading for fort hood this morning for a memorial service. i will have the latest coming up. >> we are live in the weather center. the clouds have moved in. just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. the time now is 5:28 on this early tuesday morning. welcome back. we had a wonderful day yesterday weather-wise. >>eally warm out there and delightful. >> we will continue with the warmest and delightful but it will be cloudy. the showers are a mystery. one computer model is showing lots of rain and the other is saying it is not getting here. in between. >> ida. >> we have high pressure to the north. it will keep us gray.
5:30 am
it could keep the moisture down to our south and east. outside, temperatures in the 50- degree range. 49 helen. pical weather is actually 59. mid 60's is still warm. mostly cloudy. not quite as mild as yesterday. maybe a couple of showers here tomorrow. it is less likely we will see heavier rain. lisa baden, what is going on on the traffic front? >> two crashes on 66, one in rosslyn. this is before the exit 44, the by past exit. equipment is on the scene. the other one is 66 westbound. exit 73. police are on the scene.
5:31 am
thank you, cris. he is great. this shows you after the crash across glebe road. things are still quiet. we will leave crest and our meras and a back to alison and doug. >> thank you. tonight, the d.c. sniper pays the ultimate price. john muhammad is scheduled to die by lethal injection tonight at 9:00. it is the final chapter in a long and painful process for his victims. courtneyobinson has some of their stories. good morning. >> it has been seven years of pain and healing for family members of these victims. tonight, you can imagine that when john allen muhammad is put to death, there will be some closure but also reopening of these wounds.
5:32 am
family members and law enforcement members are expected to watch the execution. it will be justice for the many victims of the beltway sniper. >> does he deserve to die? if anybody does, he does. >> john allen muhammad on least 83-week murderous rampage across d.c., maryland, and virginia. >> will i go see it? i do not want to see it. i do not want to see him die. >> many of the family and victims of his terror will watch. >> my interests will be for him to show remorse. >> for the murder of -- is for the murder of dean meyers. john muhammad killed dean meyers at this gas station. bob hope's to see his brother's killer put to death.
5:33 am
course will always have the loss of our brother and the scars of what we have had to deal with. >> a lot of emotion for these families. mohamad has exhausted all means of appeals. attorneys have argued he is mentally ill. his only chance will be if governor tim kaine grants a stay of execution or commute the sentence. that appears on likely at this time. >> thank you very much. we have mo stories of the victims on our website. you can log on to, keyword "sniper." a memorial to the men and women killed at fort hood. the president and first lady will travel to texas to pay tribute to the victims. investigators are learning new details about possible ties to terrorism.
5:34 am
matt brock is live with the latest on that. >> alleged gunman nidal hasan is believed to have acted alone. abc news has learned he did contact relics islamist abroad, including one that calls him a hero. they were both attending the same mosque in falls church. this as fort hood attempts to post the president and first lady to mourn the 13 people killed. this is the setting for the memorial. 2006 and standing room for others. it has been revealed intelligence officials told the army nidal hasan had contact extremist abroad. >> we're going to complete this investigation and we are going to take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that something like this does not happen again. >> security measures are tight.
5:35 am
has been closed to the public. >> we have elevated security measures. we continue to examine the threat and we wl keep up corporate security measures in place. >> hundreds of soldiers were directly affected by the shooting. thousands more are understandably on edge. the moral hopes to suit some of the pain. >> slumping like this, everybody is down. the president coming, i feel good. >> there is some relief there. as for hasan, he is apparently conscious and talking, but not to investigators. his attorney has advised him not to talk. >> thank you. a salvadoran woman is suing the sheriff's office saying she was arrested because of her race.
5:36 am
the woman says she was eating lunch in october of last year when sheriff's deputies handcuffed her. authorities said. reason to question her immigration status. her lawyer calls it racial profiling. >> she wasn't doing anything warranting an arrest. we ran a check on her. she came back wanted. sh>> she spent 46 days in detention before she was released. potentially devastating news for the prince george's county school system. maryland attorney general said the acy failed to meet the minimum level for funding. the school system could be liable for $26 million in penalties. phil answers is calling for an increase -- phil andrews
5:37 am
is calling for an increase in the gas tax. the tax has not increased since 1992. a spokesperson said the governor is not considering raising the tax right now. more than 100 dogs rescued are now in our area and looking for a new home. they arrived on sunday. a chantilly group court made it what they call a dog lift. the analyst will be nursed back to health and they will be ready for adoption. you can go to our websites anti-. the keyword "dog" if you want to adopt one. 5:37. 54 degrees. we will tell you what to expect on the roads coming up for thanksgiving.
5:38 am
>> you could be footing the bill for the mayor's exercise habits. >> a health care debate reaches a pivotal point. i will tell you how a former president is giving a big push today. (announcer) how can rice production in india, affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america?
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in lumber. in rubber. in bellies. and precious metals. it's time to put everything you have into your 10k. your 5k. and even your 1k. and, of course, you can never go wrong with futures. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> hello. my name is absentia.
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we are the radio city rockettes. ---cynthia. we will be performing at the verizon center. good morning, washington. 5:40 a.m. on this tuesday morning. adam caskey on the georgetown waterfront. the key bridge is off in the background. it is above average for morning temperatures. we are in the low mid 50's. 53 degrees here in georgetown. we do have some thin clouds overhead. there will be turning into a thick clouds later today. temperatures are mainly near 50 or in the lower mid 50's. frederick, 47. springfield, 52. gray skies today. mid 60's this afternoon. >> it is good on the beltway for now. i do not have any problems at
5:42 am
the american legion bridge. on the beltway between springfield and tysons is a pretty good run. before you head out, 270 closed at two was on the right side, and looks like it's a in good shape at 109. prior to 370, i just heard about an accident. alison and doug? >> thank you. airports may be less crowded during the upcoming thanksgiving holiday weekend. holiday travel will be down 4% from last year. that despite recent deep discounts on air fares. airlines have eliminated many unprofitable flights to save money. flights are likely to beat fall over the thanksgiving holiday. 54 degrees. >> the children's staple
5:43 am
celebrates a major milestone. >> the d.c. sniper's final hours. yo
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back. checking our top stories. convicted d.c. sniper john allen muhammad is set to die tonight by lethal injection at a virginia prison. the supreme court rejected his plea to halt the execution. he still has an appeal for clemency pending. >> tropical storm ida has weakened some more. it is bringing rain and winds
5:47 am
of 50 miles per hour. mississippi, alabama, and florida have warnings. >> navy ships exchanged gunfire today. it is not clear if anyone was hurt. one ship is said to be seriously damaged. this is the first clash in seven years as president obama gets set to leave for an asian tour. abc 7 has video of mayor fenty riding his bicycle. this video shows him and his bike team pedaling along the clara barton parkway in bethesda. the speed limit is 50 miles per hour in parts of the road and bicycles are not allowed. >> if i broke the law, i should not have. >> we discontinued the practice? >> yes.
5:48 am
>> in other video, they paddled through stoplights. other video shows a uniformed officers taking from regular duties waiting for the training rides. father clarke 47 on this tuesday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. -- 5:47. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> what is holding up traffic is a crash south on 270. look at the delays in this camera. the crash is blocking only one lane. we spen twoi ovein over to adam caskey. >> a comfortable day, up 53 degrees. we're under the whitehurst freeway. because of the thin clouds, it is relatively comfortable, near
5:49 am
50 degrees. that is where we're sitting. some spots in the lower 50's. here is the weatherbug network showin temperatures. we have a few locations in the upper 40's. ashburn, 48. winchester, 45. in northwest d.c., 56. lexington park, 54 degrees right now. thin clouds overhead right now, turning picker. mainly gray skies. still above average, mid 60's. -- tonight, we will have a few showers south and east of the metro area. tropical storm ida is pushing towards the mid atlantic. big discrepancies in the computer models. tell us more about that. >> there are two distinct possibilities. we have high pressure to our
5:50 am
north. that is bringing us some easterly flow. ida is making landfall today. her moisture will move across the eastern half of the united states and worked up the coast. i want to show you, we see the moisture coming up the coast, but this model keeps it to our south and east. another keeps it on through. it will still be cooler and gray over the next few days. but it will not be the biggest rainfall. we will have to keep an eye on it. the best chance of rain will be south and east of the city. that is what week are thinking. we could be wrong. >> we appreciate your honesty. >> let's check in with philip stewart at the live desk this morning with some interesting
5:51 am
stories for us. >> we begin with "sesame street 's" 40th birthday. the neighborhood will mark the milestone with special guest michelle obama. "sesame street" has aired more than 4000 episodes and brought home over 120 emmy o awards. lady gaga is raising eyebrows, showing up without an over the top costume. this was on a german tv show over big weekend. she still managed to turn heads with some thigh-high boots and she revealed a tattoo on her arm. she did have some i make up. still pretty crazy. we see her face. >> she was on "saturday night
5:52 am
live" with big metal rings on her. she tried to play the piano. it was a little awkward. >> is that her poker face? >> i think dennis her poker face. >> can we g back to the picture of lady gaga? she has a bad case of the frizzies. this is a major crisis. >> maybe it was windy. i do not know. >> there you go. >> all right. thank you. 5:52,
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
coming up tonight, the special connection between some mothers and their children. we will talk about families that get tattoos. is it a growing trend? tonight at 5:00. a few stories to watch out for today. president and mrs. obama will travel to fort hood, texas, for a memorial to victims of last week's rampage. >> there will be five swine flu vaccination clinics in fairfax today. they are opened to pregnant women and children between the ages of 6 and 18.
5:56 am
>> the montgomery county council will take a crucial vote on the future of interstates 270. the fight for health care reform is kicking into overdrive. lawmakers in both chambers are fighting over an abortion amendment. >> democrats are bringing in the big guns. pamela brown is live with that story. good morning. >> good morning to you. the core issue is really complicating matters in the senate. at issue, the use of federal subsidies to pay for abortion coverage. they are demanding the senate bill include the same measure as the house bill, which bans the public option for covering abortions.
5:57 am
democrats want the language lucent where they say no vote. this is making things tougher for harry reid who needs 60 votes to pass the bill. president obama wants the bill passed before the end of the year. this debate is reaching a pivotal point. it's tough to pass legislation. former president bill clinton will be meeting with key senate democrats later this afternoon. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. there is a lot more still to come in our second hour. >> video you have to see to believe. a woman falls onto the subway tracks. we will show you what happens next. >> seven years after the beltway sniper, john allen muhammad is set to be executed. i am courtney robinson live at the greensville correctional
5:58 am
center with a live report. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute.
5:59 am
the final chapter in the long saga of the d.c. sniper. john muhammad is scheduled to die. john muhammad is scheduled to die.

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